When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When the teacher is ready, the student appears. And so it is with Energy workers.

Often we turn to Energy work after becoming frustrated with other more traditional methods of therapy. Perhaps the pace was too slow or the spiritual element was missing. Energy workers bring different skills to the table…the ability to clear past life issues, the ability to identify and clear emotional dis-ease and trauma in the body, the ability to repair issues in the chakras and aura, the ability to understand medical issues, the ability to converse with Spirit guides and discarnates, and the ability to remove attachments, dark energies, and bad juju!

So how do you find the right Energy worker for you?

Start with a referral from trusted friends. Check out the website and get a feel for the person–do they offer valuable info on the site, does their style resonate with you? If so, call them and chat for a bit about you and why you are interested in starting this leg of your spiritual journey. If you don’t truly feel this person understands your current situation, and aren’t sure if they are the right one for you, then quite simply, they aren’t.

It is an intimate journey as the things blocking you begin to unfold. Do you need someone who is very gentle?  Who agrees that the difficult emotions can be pushed down until later? Or do you want someone willing to help you rip the band-aids off so that you can process quickly? Of course there are many levels in between. You process at your own individual pace, and will work best with someone in tune with your rhythm.

My intention before every Cry-Pen-Ki Energy session is to help my clients receive the highest possible healing that they can accept, assimilate, and maintain for their highest and greatest good, which is also for the highest and greatest good of ALL. That sets the tone of going as deeply as possible as quickly as possible. When you are ready to do the work required to get you to the next level,  I will be honored to walk beside of you on your path to healing.