How To Get The Most From A Reading

In the spirit of managing expectations, please consider the following before any reading.

If you are looking for the numbers to the Lottery, you are going to be disappointed! If you are seeking information about someone else that is truly not your concern, you will likely be disappointed. If you decide beforehand that “no one can read me,” you will block the reader, and make it very difficult for them to tap into your Guides. And, yes, that happens frequently.

In order to maximize your time with the reader, and to gain the clarity you seek, go online and read their bio ahead of time. If attending a Psychic Fair, read all of the bios, and trust your instincts as to the ones with whom you could be most comfortable.

Be honest with your questions, and open to the answers you receive. Good readers are not attached to the information they hear/see/feel/know…it is your information…your story. The reader is in service to be a vessel of communication between you and your Guides. I once relayed a message that an opportunity to move would present itself. The querant (client) was very unhappy, and insisted they would NOT move. I reminded them it would simply be an opportunity, and they would exercise free choice/free will at that time. Three months later, the opportunity did present, and they decided to move! If you are hoping to connect with Great-Grandma Lea, and crazy Uncle Robert shows up, the reader has to deal with Uncle Robert! A spirit chooses us, not the other way around! Even if you are given information that doesn’t quite resonate at that time, don’t forget it…it may be just ahead!

Know that your guides will be sending you the information they believe is for your highest and greatest good in your present circumstance. Divine time is rarely synced with our wishful thinking timeline. Also understand that each decision you make about the situation affects the pieces of the puzzle. There are many more than two sides to every story! Free choice and free will trump everything.

Usually at a Psychic Fair, the attendees take advantage of the ease of meeting with more than one reader. Asking the same question of each will yield slightly varying degrees of information. Each reader brings their unique collection of skills to communicate with Spirit, and will have unique interpretations.
If you’ve received the same answer from more than one reader, then perhaps it would be beneficial to ask the next reader for clarity on how to address the situation for the highest good of all involved.

So show up with an open mind and heart, and enjoy your time communicating with your Guides through the reader!.

Tarot Readings

Tarot with a Twist is a unique reading of the Tarot cards involving non-traditional decks, crystals, pendulums, and your spirit guides.

The pendulum, crystals, specific deck and specific spread are called in by you, to support you and the questions you have. During the read, the spread may be changed or augmented if needed to glean additional information. Questions may concern career, finances, health, life path, or relationships, but your guides will convey the information they want you to receive. 30 or 60 minute readings are available live or long distance by appointment.

Six Month Predictive Reading:

This is a two phase reading. Phase one involves a 15 minute consultation either face-face or via phone. The next appointment is set for 10-14 days later, depending on scheduling, and will be set for approximately 30 minutes. The read is prepared privately by karen, and it will be emailed to you a couple of days before the second appointment. You will have several days to process the information, and formulate questions in advance. Additional insights will be discussed at this time.

Reading / Energy Combination:

This is the most efficient choice for your first session, and yields tons of information. We begin the first half with a Tarot reading and move seamlessly into Energy work for the second half. 90 minutes.


Enjoy 15-30 minute readings in the privacy of your home with your friends and family! Catch up with their latest adventures as readings occur in a separate space. 8-16 participants pay individually for their readings, and the hostess receives a gift!

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Tarot Readings

30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, Reading / Engergy Combination, Six Month Predictive Reading