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Cry-Pen-Ki Energy

Cry-Pen-Ki Energy Sessions combine Crystals, Pendulums, Reiki with a Twist, essential oils, and other Shamanic practices to set the stage for a truly healing experience. Issues such as Chakra blockages, implants and/or roots, and attachments are identified and addressed. Etheric cordings are gently and lovingly released to support the greater good of all parties involved. Any Past Life issues impacting your current situation are explored for the learning opportunities they provide. Through this process, we collaborate to co-create your healing. Sessions run 60-75 minutes, by appointment only, at a cost of $150.00.

Reading / Energy Combination:


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This is the most efficient choice for your first session, and yields tons of information. We begin the first half with a Tarot reading and move seamlessly into Energy work for the second half. 90 minutes at a cost of $200.


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Cri-Pen-Ki Energy

Cry-Pen-Ki Energy, Reading / Energy Combination