Not Your Beginners Essential Oil Class

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Which Clair Are You?

which clair are you
you KNOW you are intuitive, but you aren’t exactly sure how you receive your information….are you Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairgustatory, Clairolfactory, Clairsentient, or Clairvoyant? it can be a little confusing…and you can also receive Shamanically. this experiential class will help you to claim your Clair! 90 minutes, $50.00

Boundaries and Protection

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as you step onto the Metaphysical Path, protection will be essential. while encircling yourself in a shower of white light is 100% better than nothing, it is inadequate for many of you. zipping up  protection around you is again 100% better than nothing, but will not be enough as your skills develop. the most effective protection for each of you is as unique as you and your skills are.this class is designed to be a collaborative creation, so is limited to four participants. 15 minute consultations in the week before the class are required, and included in the price. this class is one of a kind, and designed by karen because of the work she has done with many of her clients. 2 hours, $100.00

Pendulum 101

why were you drawn to a specific pendulum, or why did it choose you? are you communicating with your pendulum, or do you have several that aren’t talking to you? what is the proper care and cleaning? do you know your pendulums name? have you seen it’s aura? learn all of this and more, including the specific properties of your pendulum! pendulums will be available to buy, if needed. 2 hour class, $60.00

PSYCHOMETRY—reading the Energy of objects

(Also Available by Skype)

psychometry readin gof objectes

Everything has Energy…people, crystals, plants, and objects all teem with it! Things that we carry or wear absorb our Energy, and that Energy can be “read”. Bring something of yours, and something of someone else’s and learn to develop this intuitve skill. You will love adding it to your Intuitive Tool Belt! 2 hours, $50.00


(Also Available by Skype)
energy vs frequency

All of creation is Energy and has a multi-layered Energetic Field. We send and receive Energy automatically, and it is inextricably linked to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. On good days, we send positive Energy, and on challenging days, we send “challenged” Energy. We’ve all experienced waking up on the wrong side of the bed, and watched the day unfold with one obstacle after another. Each layer of Energy has a frequency, and you attract back to you the same frequency you are transmitting. Transmitting the high frequency of joy attracts joyful people and experiences, just as vibrating at the heavier frequency of anger attracts angry people and experiences. Leave with some new tools to change your frequency! 2 hours, $60.00

Intuitive Development Level 1

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ID for site

if you have been longing to develop you intuitive skills but haven’t known how or where, then JUMP into this session! learning your specific style of spiritual communication enables you to expand and increase the strength of your innate skills. during this 10 hour course, you will be introduced to Energy, Psychometry, Medical Intuition, Pendulums, Crystals and Tarot. you will meet your guides, and learn appropriate protection measures specifically for you. 10 hour class spread over 4 weeks, $325.00


 Intuitive Development Level 2

after discovering your strengths in Level 1, you will take them to the next level, and combine all of your gifts in the style unique to you. additional training in working with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and in doing Energy work in service to others is a focus in this course. time between Level 1 and Level 2 is required to allow for practicing your skills before stepping into Level 2. 10 hour class spread over 4 weeks $325.00

Tarot Level 1

if you are more out of the box than traditionalist, and have ever had an interest in learning Tarot or adding to your skills, then THIS is the class for you! after completing this 10 hour class spread over 4 weeks, you will be able to read accurately for friends, family and clients, $350.00


Tarot Level 2

take your Tarot skills to the next level! learn to discover more depth and meaning in your readings and to pull more information out of the cards. bring your favorite deck and pendulum, and be prepared to work both in and out of the classroom. this class is not for beginners, but is open to all who are already comfortable with spreads of 10 or more cards. this 8 hour class is spread over 4 weeks,  $325.00



(Also Available by Skype)

Fear of offending others or hurting their feelings often prevents us from saying NO even when we know that it would be in our best interest. We don’t want to disappoint our friends, families, employers, or even complete strangers! Not speaking our truth and setting boundaries that serve our greatest good becomes a breeding ground for frustration, anger, and resentment. Learning to set boundaries from a place of self-love is very freeing, and raises your personal vibration immediately! Bring the issues you struggle with to class, and take away a brand new Energy! 2 hours, $60.00


You Too Can See Auras!

you too can see your auro
Auras are subtle energy fields surrounding our physical body…bands of energy that are colored and vibrate! each layer connects us with chakras, and provides us valuable information on many levels. you already “sense” the Auric Field of others, but in this class, you will learn to see them! 90 minutes, $50.00


All classes are held in a private Elizabeth location. All of the classes are available in the comfort of your home for a minimum of 6 participants, and some can be combined with a reading party. karen will customize the evening for your event. contact her directly with questions!

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